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Health Magnet

★ health magnets (also known as health magnets) to increase the vibration in the blood plasma,...
Health magnet, Magnet

Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite magnets from iron oxide, barium, strontium and other elements. With other rare-earth...
MAGNET, Ferrite Magnets , MAGNETS

Nd-Fe-B Magnets

JIN CI MAGNETS CO.,LTD was founded in 1996,which specialized in magnetic materials. there is a...
magnet, magnets , magnetic

Rubber Magnet

● Rubber Ferrite Magnets Magnetic is a series by the bonded ferrite powder with synthetic rubber...
Rubber Magnet, Magnet

Ch1tferrite Wire Rod

Mainly uses in the electric appliance, the telecommunication, the measuring appliance and the...
pure iron, Wire rod , Wire rod

Sintered Ndfed Magnets

We are Ningbo Hesheng Magnetics Co.,Ltd,and we are sprcialized in manufacturing sintered ndfeb...
magnetics, magnetic , ndfeb

Powerful Magnet

Type of the productsor direction for use: 1.Type:N35-N40; 2.Size:Any variable...
Magnet, magnetic , permanent magnet

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire Barbed Wire Overview Classified into PUMA, MOTTO and IOWA types, barbed wire is...
barbed wire

Magnetic Material

Specializing in the production of various NdFeB magnets, hard ferrite magnets, cutting magnet,...
Magnet, Powerful magnet , Magnet

Lifting Magnet

Chou Magnetics Co., Ltd is skilled at many kinds of magnetic devices. Our lifting magnet has strong...
magnetic lifter

Fuel Magnet

Chou Magnetics Co., Ltd is an expert on many kinds of magnetic devices. We can supply a kind of...
fuel saver

Liquid Line Magnetic Traps

Chou Mag can supply you a liquid magnetic traps. Liquid Magnet Traps are designed for heavy...
magnet filter, magnetic separator

Chuck Magnet

Chou mag can produce many products which are related to magnetic. We offer produce magnetic devices...
sandwich magnet

Cup Magnet

Chou Mag is an expert on assembling all kind pot magnets. Our pots including, NdFeB pots, SmCo...
pot magnet

Drawer Magnet

Chou Mag can supply you many kinds of magnetic separators. This kind of separators is called...
magnet filter, magnetic separator

Grate Magnet

Chou Mag can supply you grid magnets(grate magnets). Round grids Rectangle grids One layer...
grid magnet, magnetic separator , magnetic filter

Magnetic Filter Bar

Chou Mag is an expert on magnetic separators. Magnetic filter bar can get rid off iron matter on...
tube magnet, magnetic separator

Permanent Magnet

Hello,I'm very glad that I can help you. We are Chinese supplier of magnet,we can supply all...

Ndfeb Magnet

The useful kinds of NdFeB Magnets (permanant magnet , neodymium magnet) are thin cylinder,...