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High Pressure Forged Valve Parts

We can produce high pressure forged valve body and parts used for the industry of petrochemical,...
forged valve parts, forging valve parts , forged valve body

Automotive Forging Parts

Equipped with advanced forging, heat treatment and machining machines, it can produce most of the...
Connecting rod, Crankshaft , Steering knuckle

Large Forging Parts

Equipped with 10,000-ton hydraulic press, it can produce large forging parts with the weight of 200...
Roller, cylinder forging , oil film bearing

Coal Machinery Forging Parts

Our company specializes in producing various types of forging parts used in coal mining machinery....
scraper, chain sprocket , high strength bolt

Wind Power Flange

1.It mainly produces wind power generator forging parts: wind tower flange, wind power flange; wind...
wind power generator forging parts, wind turbine shaft , yaw ring gear

Large Forging Part

It can produce large forging parts with the weight of 200 ton/pc. The large forging parts are...
Roller, pressure vessel forging, oil film bearing, toroidal forging , large block forging